Patented Custom Cake Stands!

8″ Top Cap


Can be used for:

  • Smooth top plate for a cupcake stand, smooth top tier to hold a small anniversary cake, or to hold one large cupcake or several small ones.
  • Rest a decorative cake topper on it’s smooth surface
  • Bottom tier for hanging chandelier cake.
  • Turn your stacked upside down when screwed into the top of the last stacked tier.


The top cap has several creative uses. First, it can be used as a smooth top plate for a cupcake stand to hold a small anniversary cake, a large cupcake, or several smaller cupcakes. Or use it at the top of your cake tier to hold a decorative cake topper!

As one of the hardware pieces that make up the hanging chandelier cake kit, it can also be used as the bottom tier for a hanging chandelier cake.

Also, the top cap will allow you to “turn it upside down” when screwed into the top of your last stacked tier.


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