Anodized Aluminum

13-10-6 Three Tier Cupcake Set


The Cake Stackers™ cupcake tower is designed by you to proudly display the exact number of cupcakes you need to display. Have your cupcake stand match the number of cupcakes, not the other way around.

The design possibilities will give you the creative edge to match the look and style needed for any occasion. The Cake Stackers™ cupcake display system is modular in design and allows you to add to it and build as your needs arise.

Made of strong all-metal food grade aluminum construction, it will hold up where plastic ones may fail. The Cake Stackers™ adjustable tiered cupcake stand will assemble to fit anywhere from 12 cupcakes up to 150 cupcakes depending on your system. You can adjust the space from 3 to 4.5 inches between each tier.

Base Plates

13" Base Plate=14-16 Cupcakes
15" Base Plate=20-22 Cupcakes
17" Base Plate=28-30 Cupcakes
19" Base Plate=38-40 Cupcakes
21" Base Plate=46-49 Cupcakes

Cupcake Tiers Plates

8" Cupcake Tier=6 Cupcakes
10" Cupcake Tier=8-9 Cupcakes
12" Cupcake Tier=14-15 Cupcakes
14" Cupcake Tier=18-20 Cupcakes
16" Cupcake Tier=26-28 Cupcakes

Cupcake Tier Tops

6" Cupcake Tier Top=1 ~ 6" cake, large cupcake, or 4 cupcakes
8" Cupcake Tier Top=1 ~ 8" cake, large cupcake, or 6 cupcakes

Cupcake Tier Post

The 4.5 inch cupcake tier post locks the tiers in place.

Get cupcake creative!

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