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Cake Tier Separator Kit


  • Combines with the standard center post (sold separately) to separate each tier up to 8 inches
  • You will need one Kit per tier you plan to extend
  • Safe, stable and secure
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This kit includes:

  • Four 10″ stainless steel threaded rods
  • One 6.5″ stainless steel threaded rod
  • Two 1.5″ non-threaded spacers

The Cake Stackers™ Cake Tier Separator Kiwill allow you to securely support your tall wedding cakes.

As you build taller cakes there is more stress on your support system due to the added weight of each tier. Having the Cake Stackers™ strong metal cake stands will give you peace of mind that your cakes are safe, stable, and secure. This kit combines with the standard Center Post (sold separately) to separate your tiers up to 8 inches! Create 4 foot or taller, separated tiered cakes securely. This versatile stacking method costs much less than a cake plateau. Get cake creative!

Looking to extend the tier(s) of your hanging chandelier or upside down set? Due to the configuration of those cake plates please purchase a Center Post Kit here rather than the Cake Tier Separator Kit.


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