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Topsy Turvy Cake Kit


  • Design round, square or even mixed Topsy-Turvy cake designs
  • Custom angled spacers and extension rods to angle 3 tiers total
  • Works with all CakeStackers™ cake support systems

Note: This is a kit of accessories that makes it possible for you to build a Topsy-Turvy cake. Plates are NOT included.

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The CakeStackers™ Topsy Turvy Cake Kit is here! Many designs are possible with this CakeStackers™ cake support system. Design round, square, or even mixed. Whether you are designing a small two tier Topsy or even a large five or six tier design, you can stack with confidence!

The Topsy Turvy Kit comes with custom angled spacers and extension rods (SETS NOT INCLUDED). Each tier will use two angled spacers; one below and one above to securely hold your support plate. This kit comes with enough pieces to angle 3 tiers total. So whether you are designing a 2 tier, 4 tier, or 6 tier cake – use one kit to angle up to 3 tiers.

The Topsy Turvy Cake Kit works with all CakeStackers™ cake support systems whether round or square, large or small. This kit allows you to use the entire cake without cutting the angles because the angles are in the cake supports, not the cake.


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