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Juego Mini Pro Cuadrado


This Mini Professional square set includes:

  • 2 square base plates
  • 3 square support plates
  • Make a 12″ cake and smaller, 4 tiers and smaller
  • One set of disposable square precut cake boards
  • Stainless steel support rods
  • Stainless steel center posts (can adjust the tiers from 3-6 inches)
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Cake Stackers™ Mini Professional Series Square will provide you with a beautiful, sturdy 4 tiered cake stand and smaller. It will protect your cakes even in the most challenging delivery situations.

As indicated above, all the parts required to build a 4 tier (12-10-8-6 or smaller) cake stand are included in this kit; 2 sturdy base plates, 3 support plates and all the associated hardware.

The “base” plate supports the bottom tier (cake) and the “support” plates hold the upper tiers (additional cakes). With the Mini Professional Series you can get cake creative – make an upside down on the table, standard stacked, pedestal, off-set, spiral cakes, etc.

Base plates are all 3″ larger in diameter than the cake size they support.  For example: in the Mini Professional Series square cake stand, along with the normal assembly hardware, your kit would include;

  • 13 inch base plate (holds a 12 inch cake or smaller)
  • 10 inch base plate (holds a 10 inch cake or smaller)
  • 10 inch support plate (holds a 10 inch cake)
  • 8 inch support plate (holds a 8 inch cake)
  • 6 inch support plate (holds a 6 inch cake)

All Standard and Professional cake stand sets allow you to adjust your tiers from 3 inches up to 6 inches.

All our cake stands are modular.  If you decide you need to add more tiers, or if you want to get creative with a topsy turvy or hanging chandelier cake, you can mix and match all these parts to build whatever design you wish.  Get cake creative!


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