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Cake Stackers™ cake stands offer the latest cake stacking system for every cake decorator large or small, professional or home baker.  Cake Stackers™ cake support systems are made of food grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel so it is sturdy safe and re-useable.  Transporting your cakes can now be done without stress or worry and every cake will be “Perfect Every Time”

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Choose from our extensive line of pre-designed stands, or purchase individual pieces to build a custom cake stand for all your cake creations.

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I am completely sold, I absolutely love it and I’ve been spreading the word here in Quebec on “caker” groups


Sab's Sweet-Arts
I love my Cake Stackers system! This cake traveled 1.5 hours COMPLETELY stacked!! I had total confidence in the system. Thanks for such a great product!


My experience with everyone at Cakestackers has just been amazing! I purchased the Pro14 round support set and I know I must have called at least 3 times with questions. Everyone I spoke to was very knowledgeable and extremely patient lol!!! At the last minute I realized I needed additional supports, and those were sent to me within record timing. I have not been decorating long, but when I stepped back and looked at my cake, it looked like something out of a magazine!! Thank you so much, you are awesome!!!!!!


Thanks to my cake stackers system I created this fabulous gravity defying cake for a local restaurants 1st Birthday!


When asked to make a 5 tier wedding cake as the first wedding cake that I have ever done, I was really nervous but cake stackers really gave me piece of mind. I had no trouble transporting this cake, it never budged, not even on the rough road to the church.


. . . thank you so much for creating such an amazing system!!! I’m so grateful I will have this system for the rest of my life to make amazingly impressive cakes for my friends, family and future children!!


My son is a young baking enthusiast, and we recently purchased your system for a wedding cake he was doing. He is only 12 but does an amazing job and your system was fabulously easy,


I always use Cake Stackers for my own kids cakes


Alison Elle Edible Art
It was such a heavy cake . . . We used Cake Stackers to make sure this cake made it safely to the venue. Knowing it was properly supported helped ease my mind.

The Cake Mom & Co.
Wedding cake delivered to an outdoor county themed wedding. Getting to the back field where the tent was would have been a disaster without my cake stackers. After several years, I remain impressed with this product. Now if you can just invent a way to keep a cake from melting in high heat and humidity, you will be really on to something! We had to move the cake indoors to avoid such a fate.


First wedding cake of 2013! It was perfect from every angle! I felt eyes on me while I was taking the cake apart and sure enough I was right. Later someone asked where in the world did you get that system! Thanks Cake Stackers!


I purchased my cake stackers in the spring for one particular project and it has since changed my “caker” life, making crazy complex gravity defying cakes quick and easy breezy


Sab's Sweet-Arts

“Made this 5-tier cake for my sister’s wedding last weekend. My first 5-tier cake, and first separated, but it came out wonderfully – just what the bride wanted. Love my Cake Stackers!!”

Out of the Box Cakes

Fall theme wedding. Wedding cake covered in fondant with fondant leaves and acorns. Groom’s cake covered in chocolate ganache. I tell everyone who asks how this system takes all the worries out of delivering a straight, stacked cake!


Recent cake made with the “Genesis” Cake Stackers starter system – design based on Pottery Barn “Hayley” nursery collection – so much fun, and great to send the cake off on the delivery with confidence!


Cake stackers takes ALL the worry out of transporting your cakes. The last cake a couple of years ago that I had to transport BEFORE I bought my Cake Stacker system, took 45 minutes to drive a 3 mile pot hole road. If only I’d had my system THEN….but I do NOW, & absolutely LOVE IT!!! Hats off to Stephanie her hubby for coming up with such an AWESOME system…can’t say thanks ENOUGH!!!


I emailed you this morning but I also wanted to post on here to say thanks again for an amazing product!!!!!  This was my first cake using cake stackers and I absolutely love it! You can count on me as a loyal customer.


I made my first wedding cake using the cake stackers system. I love it. I drove 2 hours through the hills of Vermont to the venue site. Not the slightest movement and the cake was as level and straight as could be.


Used my new cake stacker system for my brother’s wedding cake this weekend. It helped me feel confident transporting it to the venue. Great product! The engineers in the family were impressed!