Patented Custom Cake Stands!

Examples of Cake Stands

Square Cake Stand

This square cake stand will keep each tier level and secure. You can build tall cake buildings, cubes, shoe boxes, and tall square wedding cakes up to 6 feet high.

Cantiliver Stand

Watch out! It’s going to fall!  That’s the reaction I get when I show up with a cantilever or offset cake.  This design is a real Jaw-dropper.  They can worry, but you won’t because you know your cake is secure on a Cake Stackers™ support system.  Cake Stackers™ versatile cake stands will allow for creative designs and unique stacking.

Offer your cake clients designs that are over the top and safe from falling.

Traditional 4 tier

Shown here is a traditional 4 tier cake stand set up with the top tier undisturbed.  With this set up you can turn your cake sideways, but not upside down until you add the top cap.  The Cake Stackers™ cake stacking system will protect your fondant or butter cream cake during any delivery.

4 Tier Pedestal Cake Stand

Adjust your center post up to 6 inches and have room between each tier for flowers or cake decorations. This stack example is a 12-10-8-6 pedestal cake stand. All of these examples are possible with a Cake Stackers™ cake support system.

Threaded dowels

Any cake tier 14 inches or larger in diameter will use the stainless threaded dowels for added support. This stack example is of a 5 tier pedestal wedding cake stand. The design possibilities are almost endless!

Use your creativity to design your own look safely.

The Cake Stackers™ strong, all metal cake stand will hold up under even the most difficult delivery situations.

6, 5, or 4 Tier Spiral Cake Stand

Using the offset center hole in your cake support plates; create a spiral effect without losing any cake support.

Assemble as 16-14-12-10-8-6 or 12-10-8-6 spiral cake stand as shown. There are many ways to assemble the Cake Stackers™ cake supports. Use your own creativity and build something unique. Skip tiers, use the same size, and get cake creative!

Large tower cake

This large tower cake stand is another unique stack example. Who says that cakes have to get smaller as you go up?

Have you ever wanted to do a tall design like a wine bottle, rocket ship, castle tower, building, or anything that needs tall cake support?

With Cake Stackers™ you can build anything that comes to mind.

Design a unique build to fit the cake instead of the cake having to fit the cake stand.

Mix Round and Square Tiers

Design creative cakes by mixing round and square tiers. This has been done before, but never so easy…and safe!

Get cake creative and mix it up!

5, 4, or 3 Tier Chandelier Cake Stand

Use the hanging bolt that is included to build a chandelier or beehive and hang your cake creation upside down! Assemble as 10-8-6 or 14-12-10-8-6 chandelier cake stand.

Stairs Cake Stand

The stairs lead to mystery, hope, and love. Assemble as a 12-10-8 as shown or a large 16-14-12-10-8-6 stairs cake stand. Give yourself the versatility to provide your cake clients with creative stacking designs and shine! Sizes will vary, but all of these designs are possible with any support set ordered.

Offset Cake Stand

Assemble with a cantilever offset effect and have guest wonder how it’s not falling over. Assemble offset cakes with same size or tiered smaller. The offset design is very secure and creates a unique look that is sure to cause a stir!

Adjust your center post to match the height of your cake tier and watch the cake support system disappear inside your cake creation.

Cascading Cake Stand

Use the optional cascading cake stand base and add the cascading look to your offerings. Adjust the height of each cake to get the look you want. The cascading cakes design is very secure and creates a beautiful look. Your cakes are secured with the top center post and will not slide or shift.

Upside Down Cake

You can build an upside down on the table cake with any standard cake stacker set. Just build it with the smallest layer on the bottom and go up. Watch the video to see how.

Build an upside down cake safely and impress everyone with a cake that defies gravity.

2 Tier Offset Cake Stands

Assemble your cake support system as an offset two tier cake stand. Assemble any 2 tier sizes to match the number of servings and create an offset cake stand. Create an effect right for the event to allow room for writing or decorating on the main base tier.

Standard Round Stack

Assemble a standard stacked cake with any round cakestacker set. From 2 tiers to 7, just get the set you need or buy a Pro and have all the options you need for standard, off set, stair step, pedestal and more.