Patented Custom Cake Stands!

About Us

Cake Stackers™ was founded in 2009 for one simple reason:


Most cake decorators are so stressed about the wedding cake deliveries that they have to go themselves or send a decorator to the reception to stack the cakes and do final decorations on site. This is very time consuming and difficult with everyone looking over your shoulder and giving advice or opinions. Certainly there must be a more cost effective way to do this, we thought.

After many months and several prototypes we finally perfected the Cake Stackers™  cake support system. It is designed to be versatile and can be assembled in countless ways to give a cake decorator the ability to build it your way and give them more creative wedding cake presentations.

A side benefit of the cake stand is that since each cake is sitting on a perfectly level surface it gives the appearance that all cakes are straight and level, even if the individual cakes are not exactly level.

This product is just what we need in the cake decorating industry. Heartache and stress can be eliminated with the use of this product. We are so happy to have it ourselves, however, we want to share it with the world so all cake decorators can have it no matter how small they are or how few cakes they make.

The team here at At Cake Stackers™  is here to help you design any cake you can imagine. We hope to make your life easier and your business more fun and profitable.

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